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We are a company that provides crypto processor services for companies and customers. With the help of our service, your customers will be able to pay with crypto on your websites.

As you know, the popularity of crypto is growing every day and more and more people hear about it and try to use it.

Do not miss the opportunity to connect crypto payments to your website in order to increase your turnover and attract more customers!

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How does it work?

It works easy

It works very simply. On the payment page, the user sees a newly generated crypto wallet where he needs to transfer the exact amount of crypto (BTC / ETH / LTC / DOGE / USDT etc). This wallet is unknown to anyone else.

As soon as the system sees that funds have appeared on this wallet (this takes no longer than a few seconds), the transaction is considered successful. In this case, the system notifies the merchant by transmitting the status and details of the transaction.

For the user, everything happens instantly.


Registration is very simple. You will get Dashboard with widgets, reports, settings and much more

Insert widget on website

Generate a widget, insert it into your website and your website will be ready to accept crypto payments. In addition, more advanced integration is available

Start accepting crypto

Start accepting crypto payments on your website and increase your income!

Why Zcoinpay?

Below are features Coinxso supports

Many payments in one order

The customer can make as many payments as he / she wants within one order. The system will process all of them and combine them into a common order with the total amount

Fully working demo

You can try how it works without losing a penny of money

Refund option

Zcoinpay supports refund option. It means that you are able to return coins to customer at any time

Custom fee

You can set custom fee for your clients

Two available deal types

    - Immediately (funds are transferred to your wallet immediately after customer made successful transaction)
    - By Request (funds are kept in your personal account and you can make a transfer to your wallet at any time)

Three types of integration

    - Public Payment Page
    - Server-to-Server
    - Widget


Sandbox is available for testing integration


You can get Telegram / Slack notifications about pending and successful orders


Start accepting crypto payments on your website and increase your income!

Future Asked Questions

Below are future asked questions you should know

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How fast is the payment?

Payment occurs a few seconds after the customer has transferred coins

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Can I receive payment notifications?

Yes. You can receive notification of each payment on Telegram and Slack. Also system sends POST notifications to your URL right after each payment

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When will I get crypto from customers?

As soon as the customer has transferred coins the system processes the payment and transfers the coins to your wallet

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What is the maximum transaction amount?

There is no maximum payment amount

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What is the system fee?

It's just 0.9% of transaction amount

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Are there any transactions limits?

Not. You can process as many transactions as you want

Affiliate program

Reffer friends and earn 0.1% of each transaction!


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Start accepting crypto payments on your website and increase your income!

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